Swimming in Enschede

Indoor and outdoor splashing

There are three public swimming pools in the city. Beside the closed hours for clubs and swimmingschools they all have recreational hours when one can go to swim. Aquadrome is the biggest one and has two different areas - a tropical bath and a regular water-basin. The tropical area has several attractions such as a slide, whirlpool and waves and is open every day of the week. The regular basin has a limited scedule for free swimming.

On hot summerdays you can also swim in the Rutbeek, a large recreational outdoor area. Beside a large swimming lake you can also find a waterski, surfarea, playgrounds and several fields for outdoor sports.

Sportaal swimming pools
Het Rutbeek
Aquadrome Enschede
The Aquadrome swimming pool.

Dive, dive deeper

For a bit more depth there is DiveWorld, located on the Go Planet Parc nearby the University Twente. In this 10 meter deep basin you can learn how to sectione or, if you have a proper licence, keep in a good sectioning shape.