Parks in Enschede


Parkweg 49 7513CN Enschede

Het Volkspark was designed as park for the people in 1872. It was a gift of factory tycoon H.J. van Heek who intended to give his employees an place to relax. It is one of the first public parks in Holland and, at that time, it was situated outside the city.Since 1888 fairs are organized in the Volkspark. The profits from the fairs, a eastern-fair and a autumn-fair, are used to maintain the park. Over the years many activities took place in the park such a concerts, art-events, circus and sport events. The volkspark also houses an impressive memorial for victims of the second world war.

Almost every district in Enschede has one or more parks under municipal maintenance as-well as some beautiful country estates around the city. In many cases it is a hesitance of the textile industries. The popular Volkspark was designed for the 19th century workers to relax and is now home of the annual fun-fairs and other cultural events. The Ledeboerpark and others were originally developed as residence or country estate or the wealthy ones.