Go Out in Enschede

Wilmink Theater

Wenninkgaarde 40-42 7511PH Enschede

The modern Wilmink Theater is part of the Muziekcentrum Enschede. A 1000 seat capacity guarantees larger groups and popular artists to perform this stage. The programming is very divers: opera, ballet, musicals, stand-up comedy, popconcerts, cabaret, woldmusic and so on.

Enschede has a dynamic nightlife which offers some time to relax or being entertained every day of the week.

You can go see the lastest films or arthouse movies in a cinema, check out the best bands and popular djs on one of the well-known venues, being touched or entertained by opera and theater or just be surprised by one of the many other performances Enschede has for you.

For those who have the energy to dance into the night, Enschede has some swinging discos.