Universiteit Twente

The Universiteit Twente (University of Twente), a university with mostly technical studies, is located in Enschede. It is one of the three technical universities in the Netherlands (besides Delft University of Technology and Eindhoven University of Technology) and there are plans to merge them for financial reasons. The Universiteit Twente is also the only large campus university in The Netherlands

The university both has courses in pure technical studies such as Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Chemical Engineering, but also courses in Communication, Psychology, Economical Sciences, Business, Public Administration, Applied Medicine and Biomedical Technology which attracts a broader public. Since 2006, the programme of European Studies has been added to the university's programme.

University of Twente

Saxion Hogeschool

Enschede is also home to one of the three campuses of Saxion University (Saxion Hogeschool Enschede), a polytechnical school offering internationally recognized Bachelors and Masters degrees in a wide range of fields including engineering, economics and health care. The other campuses are located in Deventer and Apeldoorn.

One of the new Saxion buildings in the city.

AKI Academy of Art & Design

The AKI is the smallest academy in the Netherlands, established in the 1960s and still dedicated to its founding principles: providing an individualised education with a minimum of structures and control systems and focused, instead, on the human dimension and students' and instructors' own initiatives. AKI is part of the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, but it also greatly values its autonomy as a small academy. Education is created on the work floor.

AKI Artez
AKI Artez art academy Enschede
The textile history is clearly visible in the AKI building